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When my family and I first visited Costa Rica in the late 1990's, the real estate train in Costa Rica had already started to roll and was rapidly moving along the Pacific Coastal areas from Quepos north to the areas around Tamarindo. The real estate boom in this area was mainly fueled by the proximity of these coastal regions to the International Airport in San Jose. With the lack of airports near the Pacific Ocean side of Costa Rica easy access by car or other modes of overland transportation was a must to allowed the crowd of investors, retirees and those seeking a summer or vacation oceanfront house to reach their new destination in a matter of a few hours; getting to the Playa Zancudo area at that time was an eight hour drive on questionable roads or required an overnight stay in San Jose coupled with a terribly uncomfortable six AM flight to Golfito and an hour boat ride; so it was no wonder Golfito was not a popular destination for home or real estate buyers.

As the number of investors, gated communities, secured condo developments and private home purchases rose so did the price of real estate in the northern regions. Large lots in the Quepos region that were selling for under $200,000 in the 1990's are now selling for close to a half a of million dollars, and up, along the entire coast from Dominical north the Tamarindo, putting real estate purchases or investments above the reach of the average person looking for a retirement or summer home.

During the same time period a half an acre lot directly on the beach in the Golfito region was selling for a mere $35,000 or less. In 2000 I made an offer of $30,000 for a half acre Playa Zancudo oceanfront lot and the owner gladly accepted my offer for the Golfito Canton real estate. A short time later I purchased two lots comprising approximately one acre on Playa Zancudo with a house and two cabins for well under $80,000.

Today the two vacant lots next door to me are for sale and listed for $350,000. I should have purchase these nice pieces of Golfito area real estate for $70,000 when they were offered to me in 2003; realizing a potential for a 500% profit over for a six year investment. Have your current investments produced anywhere near this level of Return of Your Investments? Can your bank savings make this kind of return on your investment? If you answered NO, as I expect you did, realize the chances for huge profits from real estate investments in Costa Rica still exist in the Golfito Region.

I personally feel that further gains in real estate values in the Golfito region will naturally continue to inflate, but in the next few years additional fuel will be added to the mixture as the new International Airport north of Golfito is constructed. This will allow visitors to skip the layover in San Jose and fly directlly into the middle Golfito, Playa Zancudo, Drake Bay, and Pavones oceanfront property. When this occurs we expect to experience the same drastic inflation trends in real estate prices experienced in the Quepos region in the late 1990's hit the real estate prices in the entire Golfito region from Golfito to Playa Zancudo, Pavones and Drake Bay.

If you missed the Costa Rica real estate train in 2000 and do not climb on board of this train you may still in the station while others are reaping the benefits for investing in the last region in Costa Rica to experience unbelievable returns on your investments on Golfito Real Estate. Call Latitude 8 Realty for your ticket to ride the Golfito Real Estate Train to financial success.

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